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The Shape of Bow Wow

Shape of Bow WowShaping Behaviors and Adding Cues

We are pleased to introduce another DVD in the Bow Wow Series:  THE SHAPE OF BOW WOW - Shaping Behaviors and Adding Cues

This new video includes :

    • Overview of clicker training
    • Clicker timing & treat delivery exercises
    • How to shape behaviors (including the human shaping game)
    • Designing shaping plans
    • How and when to raise your standards during shaping
    • How to get your dog to offer behaviors (including '101 things to do with a prop')
    • Tips for honing your observational skills
    • How and when to add a cue

The teaching examples featured on the DVD for shaping purposes include:

    • Head dip
    • Paw targeting
    • Good manners at the door

If you have never been able to master the skill of shaping behaviors, this DVD is for you! It will teach you how to break down behaviors into achievable steps, and will take you through all aspects of the shaping process.  What you learn through this DVD can be applied to any skill you'd like to teach your dog.  The DVD also explains how and when to add cues, how to change a cue, and how to achieve stimulus control.

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