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Fido Refined

bowwow_5Fido Refined was a finalist for 'Best New DVD of 2012' in the Dog Writer's Association of America yearly competition! 


Does your dog have trouble controlling himself in exciting situations??  Have you been wondering if there’s an effective way to improve his manners and impulse control without resorting to yelling or harsh punishment?  If so, FIDO REFINED is the DVD for you!


The exercises featured on this DVD are designed to improve your dog’s impulse control in daily situations that typically spark excitable behavior. As he learns to remain calm and composed, we use whatever he most desires in that moment — such as an activity, attention, a toy or food — to reinforce his improved self-control!


The topics covered in this DVD include:


Taking food gently and calmly from your hand

Self-control around favorite toys

Elegant manners at mealtime

Impulse control around training treats

Polite greeting behavior

Calm behavior before outdoor walks

Waiting patiently when doors are opened

Calm and quiet crate behavior


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