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"Fido Refined"


2012 finalist in The Dog Writers Association of America's 'best new DVD' category!

Fido Refined is a well-produced DVD with a wealth of excellent information and exercises designed to help anyone whose pets have impulse control problems and want a quick and positive way to teach good behavior. Whether dealing with snapping for food, jumping on guests, lunging for toys, or impatient barking and whining, trainer Virginia Broitman gives step by step instructions for teaching your dog good manners. The training uses little talking, no corrections, and smart use of the very thing that causes your pet to get over-excited as the reinforcer for good behavior. Most of the examples show dramatic improvement in just one session. The exercises on the DVD are easy to follow and use, even for the beginner - including teaching children to use the exercises so that they can maintain good behavior with the household pet. This is a welcome and very useful addition to the excellent Bow Wow series of training videos. This is a must-have DVD for all pet owners and trainers at every experience level.

~ Ken Ramirez, executive vice-president of animal collections & animal training at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium



This is a perfect DVD to give every dog owner—guide clients down the path to success by building impulse control from the start. These lessons begin with all the foundation behaviors needed for training success: safe treat & toy delivery, timing of reinforcement, the basics of adding cues & more. This set of lessons ushers dog owners into functional training immediately, so they feel successful and excited about the possibilities. Whether you plan to introduce clickers or stick to verbal markers, Virginia's "Fido Refined" appeals to every dog owner.

~ Jen & Steve White, internationally renowned speakers, and animal training and behavior experts



Impulse control is a crucial skill to teach, as it influences so many of a dog's daily interactions. Virginia Broitman has done a fantastic job of producing an informative, easy-to-follow DVD that will help dogs to become polite family members. This should be on every dog owner's shelf!

~ Nicole Wilde, author of Don't Leave Me! Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog's Separation Anxiety, and Help for Your Fearful Dog



"A terrific video, both in theory and in presentation! The menu is easy to follow, and each exercise clearly demonstrates Virginia's techniques for improving a dog’s self control, using the reward most desired by each individual dog. (The humor is an added bonus!) The video demonstrates the timing, the positions of both dog and human, and the desired responses, in a way that’s very easy to understand and excellent for all age groups - from children to adults."

~ DJ Goodell, veteran trainer



"How of Bow Wow"  ~  Winner of the Maxwell Award for Best New Video/DVD in 2004

 (Awarded by the Dog Writers Association of America)


This is a marvelous clicker teaching video.  You'll watch two world-class clicker trainers using up-to-the-minute shaping techniques to make visible progress, time after time, in just a few clicks.  Sherri and Virginia use their own dogs, old and new, plus a whole bunch of loveable but out-of-control shelter dogs, to show you, in real, live training sessions, everything you need to know.  How to get and keep attention, clicker-style.  How to add distance and duration.  How to build control and reliability with the clicker.  How to help the shy dog or the growly dog.  How to deal with distractions, from minor to major (and wait 'til you see their idea of major).  This program shines with the same humor, humaneness, and high production values as the previous "Bow Wow" videos from this team.  People who may have been stuck at one point or another in the past will be saying, "NOW I get it!" -- and jump-starting their own clicker skills.  Virginia and Sherri, Click!  Jackpot!

~ Karen Pryor, author of Don't Shoot the Dog and Reaching the Animal Mind



Like the sequel to a good book, we've been waiting for the third video from Sherri and Virginia.

You'll see some familiar fuzzy faces and lots of new ones as Virginia and Sherri take us along on the next leg of this educational journey called clicker training.  Virginia and Sherri take the mystery out of clicker training with their factual and down-to-earth teaching style.  "The How of Bow Wow" presents lots of practical, user-friendly pet dog behaviors.  Instructors should take note of the warm and personable teaching style of these two great trainers.

~  Terry Ryan, veteran trainer and author of The Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog


"The Shape of Bow Wow"

Shaping, or building behavior with just the click, treats, and a training plan, is an essential part of training without force and coercion; but it's hard for people who've never tried it to figure out where to begin.  This delightful DVD is a clear, step-by-step introduction to how to shape behavior -- in dogs, cats, even people -- using the powerful information of the click.  Beautifully produced and designed by Virginia (Broitman) Dare.

~  Karen Pryor, clicker training guru!


Your videos continue to be some of the most practical, clearest educational material on the market.  I'm so glad there's another DVD I can recommend to clients.

~  Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB, author and internationally renowned speaker on animal training and behavior





"Take a Bow Wow"


A delightful video... as entertaining as it is instructive.

 ~ Dr. Ian Dunbar, D.V.M., Animal Behaviorist, and author of Dog Behavior



"Take a Bow...Wow!" is a smoothly produced, charming, often hilarious video that will show any dog-loving adult or child a wonderful new way to have fun with a dog. (Yes, it's fun for the dog, too, you'll see!) This video is an excellent introduction to the exciting new Click and Treat way to train pets with kindness instead of force. I highly recommend it.

~ Karen Pryor, author of Don't Shoot the Dog! The New Art of Teaching and Training



"Take a Bow...Wow!" belongs on every pet owner's video shelf. It teaches not only tricks, but clicker training, shaping, the use of reward and most important, how to appreciate your dog — all in a friendly, easy-to-follow program.

~ Terry Ryan, veteran trainer and author of Games People Play to Train Their Dogs


This tape is pure fun for both you and your dog.  As much as adults are going to enjoy this, kids are going to enjoy it even more. What a great way to introduce children to the concept of positive reinforcement training. They might not be the least bit interested in teaching a heel or a sit, but they definitely will want to try some of these tricks.

~ The Clicker Journal, Jan./Feb.'96



"Take a Bow...Wow!" was delightful and educational. The quality of the video was superb, the script was thoughtful, hilarious and easy to follow. I was entertained and I learned a lot .... The clicker technique is explained about as well as I have seen anywhere.

~ Off-Lead Magazine, Sep.'96



    "Bow Wow Take 2"


"Bow Wow Take 2," by Virginia Broitman, is an excellent video about clever tricks and advanced clicker training skills. Both of us enjoyed the video immensely, because it was both funny and informative.  The activities featured in the video were varied and useful, sort of a "something for everyone" kind of show. We appreciated the way each skill was broken down into easy-to-teach steps. The language in the video was simple and unassuming so that anyone could understand the sequencing.  The production of the video was absolutely first class. There was no compromise in the film quality or the staging. The sound was perfect in every way. I enjoyed the smattering of humor and was very pleased to see how very happy all of the doggie actors were while they were working.  We award "Bow Wow Take 2" 3 Leashes ~ Deserves an Academy Award!

 ~ Off-Lead Magazine, July / Aug. '00


A few years ago, two bright young trainers put together a truly professional quality tape called "Take a Bow Wow!" I gave the tape rave reviews then, and I am about to give its sequel the same treatment.  "Bow Wow Take 2" begins with a review of how to use the clicker, and then moves quickly into behaviors that build on those learned in "Take a Bow...Wow!" Again, the quality of the tape is first rate, which makes it easy to watch. Just one of the very strong points of this tape is that a very deliberate point is made of breaking the behaviors down into teachable increments… I applaud the attention paid to that aspect of teaching each of these behaviors.

 ~ Clicker Journal, Jan/Feb. '98


As a therapy/assistance dog handler, "Bow Wow Take 2" is wonderful.   First and foremost, it is important to me that my dog "likes" to work. With the sound clicker training principles SHOWN in this video it is possible to keep that desire to work at a high level because it's so much fun — for both of us.  In addition to the standard and very useful service dog behaviors, the retrieve for example, "Bow Wow Take 2" inspires you to explore new ways to use this behavior as well as others, not only for therapeutic/assistance use, but also just for fun, maybe even for the movies.  Following the steps and principles in this video to train your dog will put lots of joy into the lives of those you and your dog serve.

 ~ Diane Rampelberg, Editor of The Healing Paw newsletter,








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