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  • Does your dog have trouble controlling himself in exciting situations?? Have you been wondering if there’s an effective way to improve his manners and impulse control without resorting to yelling or harsh punishment? If so, FIDO REFINED is the DVD for you!

    The exercises featured on this DVD are designed to improve your dog’s impulse control in daily situations that typically spark excitable behavior. As he learns to remain calm and composed, we use whatever he most desires in that moment — such as an activity, attention, a toy or food — to reinforce his improved self-control!

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  • If you have never been able to master the skill of shaping behaviors, this DVD is for you! It will teach you how to break down behaviors into achievable steps, and will take you through all aspects of the shaping process. The DVD also explains how and when to add cues, how to change a cue, and how to achieve stimulus control.

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  • "The HOW of BOW WOW", features a full 84 minutes of instruction on the many important foundation skills all dogs should learn.

    This video is appropriate for pups and dogs of all ages, and includes valuable information for novice and experienced trainers alike. These foundation skills will benefit your family pets, dogs training for competitive sports, future Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs.

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dog_logoWelcome ... you've come to the right place!

Our training DVDs are a cost-effective way to teach the skills your dog needs to become a more enjoyable and better-behaved member of your family!


  • Are you embarrassed about your dog's behavior when guests come over?  Would you like him to greet people politely by sitting, instead of jumping up?
  • Does your dog dash through doors and not come when you call him?
  • Would you like to enjoy walks with your dog without him pulling you off your feet?
  • Might your dog benefit from some good manners training so you can enjoy an improved relationship with him?
  • Would you like to have more FUN with your dog while teaching some very useful skills?
  • Have you tried other training methods and not gotten the results you hoped for?


We offer dog training DVDs that are sure to put the FUN back into your training sessions, while helping you achieve training results QUICKLY!  Each DVD features positive reinforcement training techniques, including clicker training.  Our instructions are clear and easy to follow for kids and adults of all ages, and the techniques are very effective so you'll get results fast!

Our trainers have a combined 70 years of dog training experience that they share with you.

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Positive reinforcement and clicker training are at the core of our training process. 

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